The Gift of Eucharistic Faith

  Dear beloved in Christ, As we share together in the joy of all the children who are making their first holy communion today, we are reminded of how blessed we are, by the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist. While it is difficult to find words to express our [...]

Piety and Fear of the Lord

Dear beloved in Christ, In the Easter message over the last few weeks, from both the lips of Christ and later by his apostles, there is a clear emphasis on repentance. While repentance is necessary for any initial conversion to God, our experience shows us that it needs to be [...]

The Joyful Signs of the Resurrection

Dear Friends, Happy Easter! Alleluia! My sincere prayer that you and your families may know ever more deeply the Joy and Peace of the Risen Christ. Let us be joyful in the victory of Jesus Christ over sin, Satan and death—a victory which Jesus shares with us, which we welcome [...]

Lent Approaches

Dear beloved in Christ, We are about to enter together another season of Lent—praise God. I have always loved this special season of grace and conversion, mainly because I know I need it, but also for the blessings it brings. I’m sure you have found the same to be true. [...]

The Gift of Alpha

Dear beloved sisters and brothers, I am glad to announce that Alpha will be offered again this winter. Alpha is an 11 week course that is focused on the essential core message of the Gospel: faith and salvation in Jesus Christ, who empowers us by the gift of the Holy [...]

True Gift of Christmas

My Dear friends, With all my heart I wish to you and your families a most blessed Christmas filled with the joy and peace of Christ. I’d like to share with you the opening line of a prayer written for this great Feast: “Lord Jesus, as I bow in adoration [...]

Advent Waiting

My dear friends, We have come again to the time of Advent: the Liturgical Season that highlights the joy of Christ’s first coming, which blesses us now, and the joyful hope for Christ’s return, which we still await. Advent helps us to understand the tension we sometimes experience between the [...]

ALPHA Is Coming

Dear beloved sisters and brothers, As you’ve heard, Alpha is coming to our parish this Fall. Alpha is an 11-week course that is focused on the essential, core message of the Gospel: faith and salvation in Jesus Christ, who empowers us by the gift of the Holy Spirit to live [...]

Trip To Uganda

Dear friends, Thank you so very much for all your prayers for me and our small group of missionary disciples, during our ten days in Uganda. Your prayers and ours were answered far beyond anything we could have imagined. It’s hard to find words that can faithfully express what we [...]

Opening Our Hearts To Renewal

My dear friends, Before you head out this summer for vacations, trips to the cabin and other ventures, I want to tell you more about Alpha, which we plan to launch this September. There are more and more parishes within our archdiocese and around the country that are using Alpha [...]