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New Year’s Combo Class Packs!

A well-rounded year means a well-rounded you—why not try everything we’ve got to offer here at Six Degrees?

  • 6-Class Combo*: 3 Pilates equipment & 3 studio classes $130
  • 10-Class Combo*: 5 Pilates equipment & 5 studio classes $199

*Available for purchase through January 31st. Expires 4 months from your first class. This package includes all Pilates equipment classes (including our upcoming Tower and Chair classes!).

The Shop at Six Degrees

Our limited edition collections keep you moving in style! We also offer studio staples including Onzie workout gear, grippy socks, weighted gloves, and OPTP foam rollers, as well as studio signature custom essential oil blends from B. Onward Aromatherapy.

SIX° Primal Strength

Six° Primal Strength Nicwith Nic
Thursdays at 10am, Saturdays at 8am
A bi-weekly, hour-long workout and movement workshop, Six° Primal Strength focuses on finding your body’s natural alignment in traditional strength-building movements, building control, fluidity, and balance alongside muscle. Each class focuses on a specific type of low-impact movement, whether pushups and planks, squats, or other compound moves, to find your body’s unique primal form. Expect to be supported and challenged in equal measure!

Hypopressive Sessions with Nic

Go further with your primal movement through private coaching sessions with Nic Zahasky. Available options include a 30-minute single session ($50), or a four- or eight-pack. Commit to joyful movement in 2019!

Vinyasa Yoga All-Levels

170401-57sw (1)with Paige 
Wednesdays and Fridays 8:45am
Alignment-based Vinyasa yoga mixes strength and flexibility training through creative and playful sequencing. Vinyasa yoga is a meditative experience connects breath to movement, but will still challenge your body and deepen your practice. Each class will work toward a more advanced asana (posture), and break down the steps to achieve it. Both beginners and advanced practitioners are always welcome.

Social Movement | Donation Classes

Caty and Letta with our donations for End the Backlog!
Caty and Letta with our donations for End the Backlog!

Second Sundays of every month
Six Degrees cares about community, and now, every second Sunday of the month, we’re adding Social Movement donation classes. Each month, one of our talented teachers will chose a modality—say, a Barre or Pilates mat class, or maybe even a special Yin Yoga or meditation—to teach and a non-profit organization to benefit in a Sunday afternoon class. Learn more here.

30-30-30 Fusion: Pilates, Six° Barre, and YogaJanuary 13th, our studio’s fearless leader, Emily Easton, will teach a 90-minute class fusing three movement styles for a whole-body, whole-soul workout. Donations will benefit Reclaim!, an organization that connects trans youth with mental health resources. Sign up free online, and bring cash for your donation (we will also have computers set up for online donations).

Six° BarreFeburary 10. Hallie will teach this donation-based, 60-min. Six° Barre class. As part of our Six Degrees Social Movement series, all client donations will go to WomenVenture (, a 40-year-old organization helping women of all ages, races, cultures, and income levels conceive, start, and grow businesses through sliding-fee and no-cost entrepreneurship classes, small business loans, and incubation advice. AKA, WomenVenture is cosponsoring the next generation of bad-ass women and girls who, like our own studio owner, want to change the world with their good ideas and business acumen! Sign up free online, and bring cash for your donation (we will also have computers set up for online donations).

Guided Meditation

asana stretchwith Dawn
Thursdays at 7:30pm

Feel tension and stress melt away in this deeply restorative, 45-minute class. Experience deep relaxation in gentle yoga poses, then melt into your mat during guided meditation.

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