Prices & Packages

Whether you want to tip-toe into hiring a professional organizer, or jump in with both feet, I have packages to meet your needs. It’s important to understand your budget from the beginning.  We’ll talk about what your needs are and see what we can work out! I don’t want to waste this opportunity if you are truly motivated to get organized!

General Prices Guideline

  • FREE phone consultation! Click here today and schedule this complimentary first step!
  • On-Site Assessment (up to 60 minutes) FREE with booked organization session of 3 hours minimum, otherwise standard hourly rate applies.
  • Hourly custom, hands-on organizing solutions and space planning. $50/hour payable by cash, check, or credit card at the end of each organizing session.
  • No travel fee within a 15 mile radius of New Ulm and for any on-site assessments! Otherwise travel fees apply using the federal mileage reimbursement rates.
  • Cancellation Fee: 50% of fee expected if services are cancelled within 48 hours of service date.
  • Organizing Supplies Shopping (upon recommendation and client approval): $20/hour plus full reimbursement of supplies.



A 75 minute Quick-Org for $85


3 hours, 1 – 3 hour single session


15 hours, 5 – 3 hour sessions – SAVE $5/hour!


30 hours, 10 – 3 hour sessions – SAVE $10/hour!

After a shorter on-site assessment, we will pick a small area in your home, like an entry closet or kitchen cupboard, to do a quick organization project to introduce you to the process of working with a Professional Organizer! A great start to an organized home! 

In a 3 hour session we could complete projects such as bathroom, entryway, laundry zone, or closet.  We could get a jump start on a bigger project such as a bedroom, toy room, or family room.  You’ll receive a free on-site assessment as well as organizing techniques in decluttering, sorting, storing and maintenance! When we are done, you may consider upgrading to one of the following cost-saving organizing packages to continue with the larger projects or start something new!

You’re inspired and want an organized lifestyle!

With 5, 3-hour sessions the options are many! Envision less stuff and more space for the opportunities that await you! We could do a number of small projects or tackle a larger, more complicated project around your home! You will also have access to my wide range of donation resources as we declutter and refresh your space. You’ll receive the free on-site assessment as well as organizing techniques in decluttering, sorting, storing and maintenance!

*To keep inspired and meet your organizational goals, I ask that these hours be completed within a three month timeframe.

The best value in organizing to create your stunning home!

Imagine your home seamlessly organized from one room to the next! There are many options and flexibility with this package! We can do a lot of small projects, a number of medium projects, or a couple of complex projects! We can also allocate hours for monthly maintenance check-ins! Included in this project, is one free hour of supply shopping for those needy spots, (supply costs reimbursed at purchase price) and free unlimited phone and email support during the package timeframe.  With this is the free on-site assessment and organizing techniques in decluttering, sorting, storing and maintenance.  BEST OF ALL, receive my “Top 10 Tote” filled with 10 great organizational products for your home!

*For that organizationally stunning look and feel, I ask that these hours be completed within a six month timeframe.


For those with the time and organizational talent, a great package! 

You will receive a 60-90 minute full home assessment, a detailed action plan with your priority organizing needs, and FREE and UNLIMITED organizational coaching calls for the first 30 days after the in-home consultation!  Just $85!


Moving In? Moving Out?

Whether moving across town, downtown, or out of town, let Your Organized Home get you on the move! 

Looking to lighten your load before moving day? I’ll help you declutter and downsize so your moving process moves even smoother! Package includes decluttering select areas in your home and getting them ready for boxing, coaching on what to save and what not to save, and tips on how and where to offload your items! Move with less and start fresh!

Wanting to settle into your new home with style and ease? In no time at all I can have you living in the comforts of your home. How great it feels to fall into that ready bedroom, find clothing and bathroom necessities at hand, and find that cereal bowl and spoon!  I will help you organize your new home quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy it all the sooner!

Half-Day $200, Full Day $400. Please note that boxes need to be in their correct spaces and furniture moving is your responsibility. Contact me directly for larger jobs at 507.276.9016 or


With the death of a loved one comes so many important emotions, decisions, and tasks. All of them meaningful and serve significant part in the grieving process and to ultimately find peace. Going through a loved ones belongings can be one of those difficult tasks. With my background and expertise, I will help you sort belongings for inheritance, shipping, donation, sale and disposal.  I can assist you in finding the right fit of resources to help you with the sale of any items or the property itself. Together with you and your family, we’ll work through this substantial task to help you move forward in your grief and acceptance.

Please call for an initial, no cost, phone consultation 507.276.9016.


FREE Organizing with your REFERRALS!

Referrals are the highest compliment you could give me! To thank you for helping me in my business, if you, as an existing client, refer a new client that completes a 3-hour session, you will receive ONE FREE HOUR  of organizing in you next session of 3 or more hours. Up to a $50 savings! A great value for that next project you were considering.


photodune-5716340-gift-card-sA wonderful gift idea for a friend or family member! 

What a creative gift to give someone  – a beautifully organized space in their home! What I love about offering this type of gift is that it is a great way to remove clutter and organize a space instead of giving something that adds to the clutter.  Please talk to the gift card recipient about hiring a professional organizer before you decide to do this to make sure they are open to the idea.

Gift certificates can be ordered at any dollar increment.