What does it mean to be organized?
The truth is, being organized is defined differently for each individual. It is your home, with your specific look. We tend to visualize an organized home as pristine and neat, those perfectly manicured pictures of homes in magazines. Your home is organized if you can find something’s precise location, not just the general area it resides. So, in essence, a very messy room could be organized. But how does a messy room make you feel? By removing a layer of “stuff”, getting your things properly placed and stored, you will feel lighter in body, mind, and home!

What does the process look like?

When you’ve made the decision to discover more time, to organize and enjoy your space, let’s connect. This is what you can expect:

  1. Phone Consultation
  • We’ll discuss your needs and frustrations, what you are hoping for in that space, and understand/define what the priorities are for you in your home.
  1. On-site Assessment
  • I’ll learn more about your space, know what’s working and what hopes you have for its use, and see how it flows with the rest of your home. We’ll discuss your budget, determine a package, and I’ll develop a work plan accordingly.
  • It will be important that you talk with your family so they understand that you have decided to do this! It will affect them too! You can ask for their input on the area before we get started!
  1. Creating Space that Matters!
  • We’ll work as partners! Our first project should be done completely together. My goal is to transfer knowledge to you to maintain your newly organized space. On additional projects, if you are comfortable with some direction and homework, you can begin the decluttering process on your own. Or if you need me to be there, helping you make decisions and talking about options to do with your things, we can do that too. I can also work on my own with your direction and decisions, and will always coach you on how to maintain your new space!
  • We will systematically work through what to save, donate, pass to others, sell, and toss! It’s time to get it moving to a new home and organize!
  • I understand how each item can hold special memories. I will help you decide what to do with these things with some helpful questions.
  • We tend to put a lot of emotional attachment into objects, whether a photo, a gift from a family member, a memento from an event or trip, or a treasured item from a deceased family member. Remember, the item doesn’t contain the memory, you do. Practicing letting go of items while holding onto the memory is a good thing.
  • Letting go can be difficult, but this challenge may be what you need to jumpstart your way to living simpler, living with less, and living organized!
  • Enjoy the process! Don’t see organizing as a chore but a liberating practice!
  • I like to use existing storage containers, totes, boxes, etc that you currently have. And please don’t tidy up before I come! It is important to see how you use your space!
  • If necessary we may need to purchase certain storage items. Depending on your budget, we could even look at some simple construction to keep things neat and orderly. My goal isn’t to add more clutter or things, but to work with what you have. However, there are some great products out there to maximize your space that are well worth trying!
  1. Live with Less and Love your Space!
  • The work is done, now it is time to love that space! What a great feeling living with less and knowing where everything is!
  • Feel empowered to keep your space organized with instructions on maintaining your newly changed space.
  • I’ll follow up in a couple of weeks and see if everything is working and if there is anything to tweak!
  • Feeling motivated? We can discuss how to tackle your next project! The process of an organized home can take months, but with each space completed, you will feel motivated to take on the next!
Is it worth it?
  • Remember, not only are you investing in your home, but more importantly you are investing in you and your family.
  • Investing in me as your Professional Organizer may seem like a luxury, but you will see immediate, positive results:
    • Spending more time enjoying life when your home is organized.
    • Spending less time cleaning, maintaining “stuff”, and looking for things.
    • Enjoying a space that is now more livable, functional, and maximized.
    • Reducing daily stress and improving mental and emotional well-being.
    • Reducing or eliminating unneeded purchases because you know what you have! That saves money too!
    • Feeling instantly lighter living with less.
    • You may feel motivated to keep going through your whole home, living lighter as you go along! Let’s start with a complimentary phone consultation!
How about confidentiality?
Please know that the information you share with me is held in complete confidence. I applaud you for taking the step to get organized! We’ll share a lot of information in this process, and anything I see or hear will remain confidential. I will ask your permission before taking any before/after pictures that would be used for business purposes.
Is being organized really an investment in my time, finances, and overall well-being?

YES! The proof is in the numbers! Consider these interesting consumer statistics:

  • Average Americans spend one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items. US News and World Report
  • On average we spend 6 minutes a day looking for our car keys. Ikea
  • “Parents spend an average of 23% of their free time scheduling and coordinating their children’s and family’s schedules.” Harris Interactive Online Survey
  • The average American wastes 55 minutes a day (roughly 12 days a year) looking for things they own but can’t find. Newsweek
  • 80% of what we keep we never use. National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • We wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time. The rest hangs there, just in case. (NAPO)
  • 65% of people described themselves as “very” or “insanely busy”. (NAPO)
  • 60% of Americans feel they do not have enough time to get everything done. (NAPO)
  • 80% of what we file never gets looked at again! (NAPO)
  • 31% of customers surveyed reported they were more satisfied after cleaning out their closets than they were after sex. IKEA
  • 65% of nationwide consumers polled noted that their household was at least moderately disorganized, 71% said their quality of life would improve if they were better organized and 96% indicated they could save time every day by becoming more organized. Of those, 15% felt they could save more than an hour each day and 30% felt they could save at least 30 minutes each day if they were more organized at home. (NAPO)
  • 80% of our medical expenditures are stress related. The Centers for Disease Control
  • When asked what the biggest challenge to improving organization, 32.9% said “lack of space”, 27.3% said “finding the time”, 25.2% said “too much stuff”, 6.7% said “not sure what product to use”, 2.7% said “products at local retailer don’t meet my need” and  1% said “other”.  Homeworld Forecast Consumer Survey conducted by NPD Group
  • 40% of adults say if they had more time, they would spend it with family. Day Runner Survey

What can be done with the things I no longer need and want?
  • There are many options to get rid of your things in a useful manner. There are many organizations that take donations for their causes. One example is The Epilepsy Foundation. (And who can’t beat the curbside pick up! ) We can discuss the right resources for you and determine what is the best fit for you!
  • You can potentially get money for your items too! Consider EBay, Craigslist or a garage sale to get a little spending money in your pocket.  You can even reach out to antique dealers or specific collection specialists in your area!  Have specific questions, let’s connect to see where I can help!