“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” Albert Einstein

Who I am!

Jensen007Accomplished, energetic individual with over 20 years of experience bringing fresh ideas and practical solutions to solving challenges within individuals, families, companies, and schools.

Proven ability to implement new programs, assess sensitive situations, skillfully manage conflict and suggest solutions that are quickly acted upon.

  • 12 years of human resources experience assessing challenges, suggesting strategies, facilitating decision-making, creating tools, implementing programs, troubleshooting obstacles and monitoring progress.
  • 8 years of professional experience in the funeral industry working with families during one of the most challenging and emotional times of someone’s life. With extensive training in conflict management and resolution, as well as grief counseling, able to help bring peace at a difficult time and assist families with the  multitude of needs in the grieving and healing process.
  • 10 plus years volunteering in the school district, coordinating and running multiple fundraisers that have raised significant dollars for the benefit of the children, staff and community.
  • 10 years serving in a variety of leadership roles in church and assisting a Girl Scout troop.

My husband Chris, children Catherine and Peter, and our two dogs make up the Jensen family! We love to spend time laughing, being outdoors, watching games or playing golf, traveling anywhere, and being with our extended families!  Of course when I’m not with my family, I am keeping an eye out for that next organization project around my home!

My Philosophy

Author Karen Kingston wrote “every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing your clutter can completely transform your entire existence”.  She also says “everything around you, especially your home environment, mirrors your inner self”. I couldn’t agree more. The ability to clear out your clutter and have a lighter, organized home will bring you a sense of peace, feelings of accomplishment and empowerment, and a life of possibility. Who doesn’t want more time to spend on the important things in life versus keeping house? My ultimate satisfaction will come from helping you live with less, organize, and be better off than you were before we met! I can’t wait to help you with that!