Religious Education\Faith Formation Registration for 2018 – 19

ConnectNow is St. Peter’s database program which enables us to manage all of our parishioner information. This database allows families to register for classes directly online, simplifying the process for you and for the RE staff. 

To Register Click Here to go to the ConnectNow Website

  1. If you have already created your ConnectNow account, please go to step “4”.
  2. You first need to create an account on the ConnectNow website that connects to your family’s information in the parish database.
    • Click on “New User”
    • Under “Organization”, select “Church of St. Peter, Mendota”
      • Please note – it is listed alphabetically under “C”, not “S”
    • Pick your own unique username that you will remember
    • Please enter all required information (required items are noted by a red *)
      • Be sure to include dashes in your phone number
    • If you can’t remember what email account the parish has on file for you, please enter multiple emails where given the chance. (The reason for this will be explained below)
  3. Click Submit Registration
    • If your email address matches what we have in the database (corresponding to your other personal information), then you will receive an automated email a few minutes later with a temporary password.
    • If your email address that you entered does not match what we have on file, or you do not have an email address on file, then the system requires a manual approval of your account by a staff member.
      • Depending on when you fill out the form, it could take up to 24 hours (longer over a weekend) to get the account approved and the confirmation email sent back to you.
  4. Using your password, you may log in to ConnectNow to register your children for RE classes, change your email on file, or your address or phone number, and view your giving history.
    • Once logged in, you will be in a part of the program called “My Own Church”
    • Select “Religious Education” from the tabs at the top of the page.
    • Then, select “Online Registration” from directly beneath the row of tabs at the top.
    • Select “2018-2019” as your enrollment term
    • Select the name of your child that you wish to enroll, as well as their grade NEXT SCHOOL YEAR
    • If they have any special learning or medical needs, enter those in the areas provided (optional)
    • Select your preference of which class they should be in (some classes only have 1 choice available)
    • For multiple children, select “Add Student” again and repeat the process.
    • When you have included all children, click “submit registration”
  5. The system will not allow you to register unless you have an emergency contact phone number on file.
    • If you receive the error message, click on “Update emergency contact info”
    • A box with your family’s information should appear. Click on “edit” at the bottom.
    • Enter an emergency contact number, and a description.
    • Click “save and close” at the bottom.
    • Then hit “submit registration” again.
  6. Within minutes, you should receive a confirmation email. If anything in the email is incorrect, please contact RE staff as soon as possible.
  7. Please then mail your tuition payment. Tuition for 2018-19 is:
    • $100 per child
    • $35 late fee (registration after May 15, 2018)
    • Maximum charge of $250 per family     
    • Please mail to:
            St. Peter’s Church
            Att: RE Registration
            PO Box 50679
            Mendota, MN 55150

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