Announcement regarding Fr. Gallatin

This weekend at all Masses, Bishop Cozzins made an announcement regarding Father Joseph Gallatin and his leave of absence. Click here to view the press release from the archdiocese containing the statement. Father Gallatin also wishes to share his own words: “I am truly sorry for the pain that this has [...]

Letter from Parish Leadership regarding Fr. Gallatin’s Absence

Dear Parishioners of St. Peter’s, We assume you may have questions and mixed emotions regarding Father Gallatin’s announcement at the December 28/29 Masses that he was taking a leave of absence from active ministry while an outside professional firm hired by the Archdiocese reviews his clergy file. For those of [...]

Statement Regarding Father Joseph Gallatin

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today announced that Fr. Joseph Gallatin has agreed to take a leave of absence from active ministry. Fr. Gallatin’s clergy file recently was reviewed as a part of the comprehensive file review by an outside professional firm that currently is reviewing files of all clergy in [...]

Fr. Gallatin’s Address Regarding the Capital Campaign

The following is a transcript of an address regarding the upcoming Capital Campaign that Fr. Gallatin gave at all parish masses the weekend of Oct. 13 & 14. Whether it is a short journey or a trip to another country on the other side of our world, traveling can be [...]