Client Stories

“Six Degrees has become a truly special place for me. It is a haven where challenging Pilates exercises combine seamlessly with relaxation, empowerment, and fun. As a non-exerciser, I felt self-conscious at my first class but that dissipated quickly when I saw that Six Degrees welcomes all age groups and people at all levels of fitness in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. I have worked with numerous instructors and they are uniformly highly knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind. I am much stronger and considerably less stressed. My body is more flexible and there is a noticeable improvement in my balance. It is rewarding to see yourself progress. Try it once and you may become as addicted as I am.”
Kate Wittenstein, College Professor
“I just wanted to thank you again for the great Barre class last night. You have great energy and positivity! I also want to add how inviting you were to the studio – it made me feel comfortable going into the unknown. So often at other gyms/classes – no one seems to care. I really liked the inviting atmosphere and look forward to taking more classes.”
Allison Wagner, Event Director
“I first started doing Pilates with owner Emily Easton almost a decade ago when I had had enough of running. Through Pilates, she transformed my body, creating long, lean muscles, more flexibility than I ever imagined I could have and rock star abs. Her fun-loving, high-energy attitude is inspirational and shows in the staff. I also love the barre classes for high energy workouts.”
Karen Schneider, Journalist
“I, of course, am utterly enchanted by Six Degrees staff and classes. You are all very capable, attentive and kind. While I am hesitant to broadcast Prana Stretch, it is an extraordinarily nurturing and re-juvenating class. Thank you all for creating an environment that is healthy, welcoming and affirming.”
Colleen Cooper, M.D. M.P.H.
“I was referred to Six Degrees six months after I had rods and screws “installed” in my back. I elected for privates sessions with Cady Eddy. Since September, 2013, Cady has shown me core strength I never knew I had, taught me to embrace the challenges ahead of me and just as important, embedded in my heart that it is “ok” to take time for me! I work hard, she shares her vast amount of knowledge, we laugh, I cry, but most importantly, the results I am experiencing make me grateful to have Cady in my life. Thank you Cady and Six Degrees!”
Deb Dybdahl, Business Owner



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