Emily EastonOWNER/INSTRUCTOR, Pilates (Master Instructor), Barre, Asana Stretch, Yoga
Emily Easton is Six Degrees’ fearless leader. A long-time Pilates enthusiast who came to know her body, her athleticism, and her leadership skills through movement, Emily builds confidence and community wherever she goes. She is co-director of both our Pilates and Barre teacher training programs. She is committed to offering a variety of fitness modes for her clientele and the highest standards in education for those who come to Six Degrees to train as instructors. Emily believes good health and good friends are for everyone. 
John DoeDesigner
Letta Page is a Six° Barre and TRX qualified instructor, as well as a writer and academic editor who specializes in translating big ideas for the public. She believes that movement is for everybody and every body—and is even more fun when you toss on some throwback jams.
Erika CianciarusoINSTRUCTOR, Piloxing, Cardio Dance, TRX, Barre
Erika entered the professional fitness world after 10 years in the ballroom dance industry. She comes to us with international experience as China’s first Piloxing Master Trainer. Her contagious energy and passion for movement will have you shaking, smiling, and sweating all class long. As an ACE certified personal trainer, Erika motivates clients to achieve fitness goals in a safe and positive workout environment.
Abby JohnsonINSTRUCTOR, Pilates
Abby is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher in her final semester as a dance major at the U of M. She finds satisfaction in working with clients to improve bodily awareness, find length and strength in healthy and safe posture, and reach their fitness goals.
Paige GarrettINSTRUCTOR, Yoga
Paige began taking yoga classes in high school to increase flexibility and body awareness after repeated running injuries. Paige’s classes emphasize creative movement, playfulness, and self-acceptance.
Caty Taborda-WhittINSTRUCTOR, Barre
Caty is a Six° Barre instructor and a grad student in sociology at the U of M. She came to Six Degrees to build strength and endurance in a supportive community, and she enjoys mixing up her classes with diverse music and challenging moves to create a fun, welcoming space for all bodies and skill levels.
Cady EddyINSTRUCTOR, Pilates (Master Instructor), Barre, Asana Stretch
Cady is a former gymnast who turned to Pilates as a form of physical rehabilitation. She went on to train at the Kane School of Core Integration where she was certified in Pilates instruction and studied biomechanics and special populations. She is  the studio’s go-to person for clients returning after injury!
Nic ZahaskyINSTRUCTOR, Six° Strength
In 2011, Nic retired from his executive chef career and left “the corporate lifestyle” to pursue self-training with functional fitness and Paleo nutrition. With his new-found energy, strength, and passion, he began to top the podium in obstacle course races and competitions. Now a public figure for Paleo nutrition and ancestral health, Nic wants to bring low-impact and functionally appropriate movement to the international stage. Nic is certified in Olympic lifting, Endurance Running,  SFB, HKC, FMS, and Primal Mov.
Hallie BeattieINSTRUCTOR, Six° Barre
Hallie is Six Degrees’ newest barre teacher, and she has been a member of our community for years. Her enthusiasm and welcoming personality—along with her excellent taste in music—have made her a fast favorite!
Vicki LuedtkeSTUDIO MANAGER/INSTRUCTOR, Pilates, TRX, Asana Stretch, Yoga
Vicki Luedtke is a certified Pilates instructor who has worked in cardiac rehab and taught a variety of group fitness classes. She has a long history as a competitive athlete and studied physical education and fitness in college. She is also an avid florist who seeks—and creates—beauty wherever she goes.
Becky GolbergINSTRUCTOR, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Asana Stretch, TRX, Thai Massage
Becky Golberg  is the amazing director of our Pilates Teacher Training Program.  She is qualified to the hilt, with certifications in yoga, Pilates, TRX, and barre, as well as nine years of ballet and modern dance instruction.  Becky is also the head of our Asana Stretch Program.  She works to take the most relevant principles of each discipline and apply it in every class she teaches.
Ashley FresquezINSTRUCTOR, Pilates, Asana Stretch
Linda DahmenINSTRUCTOR, Pilates
Linda Dahmen is a certified Pilates instructor with a lifelong love of fitness and movement. She says her ultimate goal and reward is to bring out the best in her clients, and she revels in seeing each student become stronger and more flexible from the inside out.
Cristiana GiordanoINSTRUCTOR, Pilates
A life-long dancer and dance instructor, Cristiana has been practicing Pilates for nearly 20 years and completed her 500-hour Pilates Teacher Training at Six Degrees. In using classical Pilates training with props and creative cues, Cristiana keeps classes fresh and innovative, and she is particularly involved in teaching Pilates through pregnancy.
Julia FlobergINSTRUCTOR, Piloxing, Barre, Cardio/Abs
Julia Floberg began her track as an instructor at Six Degrees, going through both Barre Teacher Training and Piloxing Training at the studio, as well as TRX Group Fitness Training certification in St. Paul. She loves all types of movement, from high intensity cardio to slow and controlled exercises. Julia is a long-time cellist, and she loves playing at the end of some of her classes. Outside of Six Degrees, she plays at various venues around Minneapolis, teaches guitar and mandolin at Twin Town Guitars, and leads live cello meditation sessions at Pathways. 
Dawn BrunnINSTRUCTOR, Nia Dance
Dawn is a Certified Wellness Coach and white belt in the Nia Technique, a fusion of dance, martial, and healing arts. She’s passionate about helping people feel better through movement and energy restoring practices, and she is also a certified Piloxing, PiYo, and Tabata instructor.
Kendahl ProkopINSTRUCTOR, Pilates
A lifelong competitive equestrian and corporate professional, Kendahl discovered Pilates as a way to relieve chronic low back pain. She is now pain-free and believes so deeply in Pilates that she made the move to become an instructor. She hopes to help everyone discover the incredible transformation and power of an ongoing Pilates practice.
Regina AcevedoINSTRUCTOR, Core de Force
Regina was a varsity swimmer and water polo player in high school, and teaching swimming lessons ignited her love of fitness instruction. Today she is a certified Core de Force and Insanity instructor who loves passing her motivation and energy on to her students—and having a blast while doing it! She’s competing in her first Olympic Triathlon in fall 2018.
Kandace GaudetteINSTRUCTOR, Pilates
Kandace has always had a passion for movement and teaching. Dancing since age three, she studied at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists and received her BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Kandace is a also a STOTT Pilates Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer, and certified Yoga Instructor. This versatile background allows her to meet each individual where they’re at, helping to build balance in the bodies and minds of her clients.

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