Six Degrees’ Story

Six Degrees Uptown is more than a movement studio, it’s a movement. We help every person feel safe and at home in their unique body, unlocking strength, resilience, flexibility, and capability.

Pilates is our core, from which all of our other movement modes extend. Rather than six degrees of separation, we think of six degrees of togetherness. Having begun our studio with Pilates, we’ve now radiated into a variety of classes that build on Pilates to “lengthen and strengthen”—including several kinds of yoga, Six° Barre and Slow Burn Barre, TRX/Circuit, Six° Strength, Piloxing, Cardio Dance, and our incredible hands-on assisted stretching class, Asana Stretch. We connect people to their own bodies and to a new community of wellness.

We offer the amenities of a boutique studio, including small classes, well-stocked locker-rooms, private and semi-private sessions, and workshops, while placing our true premium on inclusiveness and warmth. Our community is open to all. Our classes are tailored to all. We accept you and your body as it was, as it is, and as it can be.

Six Degrees Uptown is also a certified education center, offering a modal Pilates teacher training that can be taken as an intensive course or through individual courses set at your own pace. We also offer instructor certification in Six Degrees Barre.

When you enter the studio, we hope you will feel the strength and acceptance we offer. You’ll see windows, not mirrors. You’ll see props and studio equipment to pique your curiosity. You’ll see people and bodies of all kinds coming together, laughing, offering compliments, working through injuries, and surprising themselves every day. You’ll find a safe space in which to express your best self, inside and out.


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