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Yoga can be done in many ways to meet many needs. What is your body craving?

Yin Yoga:

Our lowest impact yoga class, Yin Yoga uses just a handful of restorative postures to open the joints and allow for a meditative centering in each pose. This is a great class for those who might have limitations from injury, who are pregnant, or who are hoping to build flexibility, calm, and/or more comfort in sitting meditation. Be sure to check out Asana Stretch Class for an even more indulgent restorative practice that brings together moving meditation and massage.







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This class couples movement with breath to get the blood flowing and build strength through flow sequences. Modifications are offered, and you should come prepared to sweat! In our candlelight Vinyasa classes, expect about a half hour of rigorous movement and half an hour of calming, restorative practice to leave you ready for bed.

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Privates in Yoga are encouraged for students who wish to receive individual technical input from an instructor.

Schedule a Private or Semi-Private session in yoga for an initial evaluation, a periodic tune up in conjunction with yoga classes, or as a weekly lesson that is integrated into your regular exercise routine.

We offer discounts on Privates for first time clients. See privates rates and events.

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