Class Overview

For a quick way to scan the classes we offer and decide what your body is craving today, here’s a description of each!


Pilates is the core of Six Degrees. The Pilates Method is a comprehensive movement program that speaks to everyone, helping clients develop and use proper alignment and stabilization, thus giving all bodies the gift of freedom within movement. The Reformer is the traditional piece of equipment used in Pilates. Classes are limited to six students, allowing for individualized work and instructor attention. The machines’ springs support the larger muscle groups so that you can focus on elongating and building the small muscles that support your posture and overall health. This class is periodically offered as a six-week series for beginners.


Mat Pilates uses your own body weight to bring out your inner strength. The practice, once known as “contrology,” focuses on freedom of movement built on a strong core. It is adaptable to students of every level of physical ability and each class is led by a certified Pilates instructor.


Like the Reformer, the Pilates Chair has different spring settings that change the tension on the pedal, allowing for different feedback from the machine in different positions. Joseph Pilates’ ingenious bit of furniture will show you how a new relationship with gravity can change your perspective on the Pilates body.


Try our studio original! This total body workout is intense but rewarding, using a variety of props to skillfully blend cardio, Pilates, balance work, and strength training into an invigorating hour of fast-paced movement and music. Modifications are offered for all levels of student, and trained instructors emphasize form over speed. We occasionally offer “Slow Burn Barre,” which helps you perfect your poses; Mat/Barre Fusion, which brings more Pilates into your practice; and Sunday “Espresso Barre,” which includes a free token for a drink of your choice at Five Watt Coffee Co.


Asana Stretch Class is the most restorative movement in our studio. A practice meant to allow for moving meditation, assisted stretching, light massage, and centering within the body, Asana Stretch brings the benefits of yoga to each student’s body through the experience and hands-on guidance of a confident, trained instructor and assistants. If we’re talking about joints, this class is no-impact. If we’re talking about stress reduction, flexibility, and rejuvenation, the impact is enormous.


Our lowest impact yoga class, Yin Yoga uses just a handful of restorative postures, letting you center in the pose and benefit from hands-on assists and modifications. This is a great class for those who might have limitations from injury, who are pregnant, or who are hoping to build flexibility and calm.


This class couples movement with breath to get the blood flowing and build strength through flow sequences. Modifications are offered, and you should come prepared to sweat!



Born in the Navy SEALs, TRX develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Each class can accommodate up to 12 students of any level, with particular focus paid to perfecting form so as to make each exercise safe and effective. This class is circuit style training and fitness shoes are optional. We also offer private and semi-private TRX training sessions.


A circuit-based training class using your own body weight along with props like kettlebells and TRX straps to raise your heart rate and sculpt your muscles. It’s low-impact and high-intensity. Rooted in Pilates, this invigorating class builds strength and endurance.



Build endurance, stamina, and a strong core, front and back, in this fun and challenging class. For all levels. Six° Cardio Dance will leave you sweaty and strong!

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