Six Degrees Barre

Try our studio original! Six Degrees Barre touches on Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, and Restoration. This total body workout is intense but rewarding, using a variety of props to skillfully blend cardio, Pilates, balance work, and strength training into an invigorating hour of fast-paced movement and music. Modifications are offered for all levels of student, and trained instructors emphasize form over speed.

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Slow Burn Barre

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Barre class is already notorious for isolating tiny muscle groups, strengthening our overlooked structural muscles to support all those big groups, from the quads and glutes to pecs and calves. Slow Burn takes it to a new level, using your body weight to create resistance and repetition to turbo-charge strength training. Endurance and Strength are hallmarks of this class.

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Six Degrees Barre Teacher Training

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Six° Barre is a unique blend of Pilates, ballet, cardio, and strength training designed to build flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance for students of all fitness levels. Our exclusive 18-hour certification program explores anatomy in movement, the six principles of Pilates, class and playlist design, modifications for special populations, cueing and hands-on adjustments, and a deep dive into dozens of movements targeted to engage, change, and challenge. The barre teacher training weekend includes three individual barre classes taught by different instructors, as well as hours of discussion and practice. You will leave with a deeper knowledge of your own body in motion and a well-earned certification to design and teach your own barre and fusion classes. 

Upcoming Barre Teacher Training 


Instructors for this barre teacher training at Six Degrees Uptown include:
Emily Easton: Pilates master instructor, former dancer and gymnast Emily Easton is the owner of Six Degrees Uptown and has been teaching movement for over two decades. Emily’s knowledge is an endless resource.
Erika Cianciaruso: A Piloxing master trainer and certified personal trainer, certified Barre Instructor Erika Cianciaruso teaches a variety of movement forms, from barre to TRX and cardio dance. Erika is the ultimate motivator!

Six Degrees Barre Class voted: “Best NEW Workout in the Twin Cities”!

– Minnesota Monthly, 2011 | View full article

Six Degrees Workout Creating a ‘Buzz”

“At Six Degrees, cardio is added to the barre workout, making it the most rigorous class offered, and the most popular.”
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Article by: AIMÉE TJADER , Star Tribune

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