Asana Stretch

At Six Degrees, we focus on four aspects of physical and holistic wellness: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, and Restoration. Asana Stretch Class is the most restorative movement in our studio. A practice meant to allow for moving meditation, assisted stretching, light massage, and centering within the body, Asana Stretch brings the benefits of yoga to each student’s body through the experience and hands-on guidance of a confident, trained instructor and assistants.

If we’re talking about joints, this class is no-impact. If we’re talking about stress reduction, flexibility, and rejuvenation, the impact is enormous.

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 Asana Stretch LIVE!

One of our most popular Asana Stretch classes is our  Asana Stretch LIVE! Our next Asana Live will be August 25th 7-8:15pm featuring live music to help create community and relaxation. join us for the next live session!
Cost: $25 (10% off for members)
Reservations Required
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